Etaak Academy Partnership Opportunities


  • Welcome to Etaak Academy, a non-profit educational platform based in Saudi Arabia, a proud subsidiary of Etaak Softwares. is dedicated to advancing technology education. Committed to making high-quality tech learning accessible, it offers a diverse range of programs, from programming courses for young learners to specialized corporate training. As a hub for innovation and skill development, Etaak Academy plays a pivotal role in fostering a tech-savvy community, facilitating both individual and organizational growth in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Why Partner with Us?

  • Partnering with Etaak Academy offers unique benefits in the realm of technology education and community involvement. By joining forces with us, partners gain access to a wide range of technology training programs and have the opportunity to collaborate on innovative educational initiatives. Our partnership model emphasizes practical, hands-on learning, ensuring that training is relevant and impactful. Moreover, by supporting a non-profit initiative in Saudi Arabia, partners contribute to the development of tech skills across diverse demographics, enhancing their corporate social responsibility footprint.

Sponsorship and Collaboration:

  • Sponsorship and Collaboration” at Etaak Academy offers unique opportunities for businesses and individuals to support and engage with the field of technology education in Saudi Arabia. Through sponsorships, partners can contribute to the development of tech skills among a wide audience, from children to professionals. Collaborative efforts with companies and student activities are also encouraged, fostering a community that values technological advancement and education. These partnerships not only aid in the mission of Etaak Academy but also provide sponsors with a chance to enhance their corporate social responsibility and community engagement.
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